2016 Runs Per Month




March 59
April 47
May 42
June 30
July 46
August 51
September 47
October 53
November 68
December 16


2015 Runs
Total 682
2014 Runs
Total 681
2013 Runs
Total 586
2012 Runs
Total 608
2011 Runs
Total 760
Last Run
Date 12/10/16
Time 23:46:31
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Latest News and Incidents

Fire Safety Tip
Municipality: Mount Joy Borough
Date: Fri, Dec 09, 2016 12:55
Address: Mount Joy

Be cautious when using power strips in your home. Too many times it's easy to overload a power strip which will cause a fire. A typical household 6-outlet power strip has a max load of 15 amps. Did you know that a space heater draws 12.5 amps alone! Plugging that into a power strip will max out the circuit quickly, and is NOT recommended by the manufacturer. Take a few minutes to read the manufacturer's guidelines when utilizing these types of products. Never plug a power strip into an extension cord. Be safe over this holiday season!

Item for Sale  
Municipality: Mount Joy
Date: Fri, Dec 09, 2016 10:56
Address: FDMJ

FDMJ is selling the command box from the 2006 GMC Yukon Duty Vehicle. The box dimensions are 48" wide x 29.5" high x 29.5" deep. Contact Assistant Chief Mason Brandt if interested at moc.jmdf@tdnarbm. Asking price is $500.00 OBO, accepting bids until December 31st, 2016.

Company Election Results
Municipality: Mount Joy
Date: Thu, Dec 08, 2016 20:00
Address: FDMJ

Tonight, FDMJ held the annual election of officers for the fire department and relief association. All officers were up for re-election this year with the exception of the Fire Chief and two Trustees. The 2017 FDMJ Fire and Administrative Officers are listed below.


Deputy Chief: Mason Brandt

Assistant Chief 1: Jason Stiltner

Assistant Chief 2: Andrew Wittle

Assistant Chief 3: Tristan "TJ" Broome

Captain: Barry Leber

Lieutenant 1: Ben Smith

Lieutenant 2: Bob Purcell

Lieutenant 3: William "Bubba" Smith

Chief Engineer: Zach Dennis


Captain: James Shelton

Lieutenant: Curtis Herneisen


President (2 year term): Bob Purcell

Vice President: Zach Dennis

Secretary: Lisa Breneman

Treasurer: Michele Bard

Trustee (3 year term): Bob Lutz

Chaplain: Jim Carr


President: Mason Brandt

Vice President: Matt Kratz

Secretary: Lisa Breneman

Treasurer: Curtis Herneisen

We would like to thank those who have served the department as an officer in 2016. Congradulations to those who have been elected to office for 2017. Officers will be sworn into office at the January 2017 company meeting.

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