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Vehicle Accident with Entrapment - Rapho Township  
Date: Fri, Mar 28, 2014 15:07
Address: Rt 283 at Esbenshade Rd

FDMJ, East Petersburg's Rescue and an Engine from Hempfield FD along with EMS units from SVEMS, Northwest, and Life Lion Medical Helicopter responded to a single vehicle accident on Rt 283 at the Esbenshade Rd Bridge. The vehicle's only occupant was the driver who was trapped for 27 minutes after the arrival of Engine 75-2.

Did You Remember to Change Your Smoke Detector Battery? - Mount Joy Borough  
Date: Sun, Mar 09, 2014 03:00
Address: FDMJ

Sunday marked the start of daylight savings time.  Did you remember to change your smoke detector batteries when turning your clock ahead?  If not, do so now!  It is also recommended to check your CO detector and replace those batteries as well.

Click HERE for some smoke detector facts and FAQ's.

Vehicle Accident - Rapho Township  
Date: Mon, Mar 03, 2014 21:31
Address: Rt 283 West Bound West of Rt 230

Two vehicles were involved in an accident resulting in minor injuries.  Engine 75-2 and Rescue 23 provided minor hazard control.  Incident was under control at 21:55

Dwelling Fire - Rapho Township  
Date: Wed, Feb 26, 2014 20:02
Address: 1379 Iron Bridge Rd

A fire in the roof of a single family dwelling started in the area of a stove pipe.  A passer by noticed the fire and call 911 as well as alterting the dwelling's occupants.  Fire was contained to the attic and roof area.  Cause is undetermine and being investigated.  Fire placed under control at 20:34.

Morning Crash with Entrapment - Rapho Township  
Date: Wed, Feb 26, 2014 07:50
Address: Route 283 West near North Strickler Road

At approx. 07:50 AM, FDMJ was dispatched for a vehicle accident with entrapment on Route 283 West near North Strickler Road. Ten minutes before, Rheems and Elizabethtown Fire Departments were dispatched for a similar incident on Route 283 near Schwanger Road. Engine 702 (Rheems) and Engine 74-1 (Elizabethtown) were redirected from that incident to respond to the scene. Medic 77-3 arrived shortly after dispatch and confirmed that the driver was trapped in the vehicle which had rolled down the the graded bank on the right side of the highway. Engine 702 arrived and established Command while starting the extrication. Chief 75-1 arrived and assumed Command 75 while Engine 75-2 and Engine 74-1 assisted with stabilizing the vehicle and extricating the driver. The driver was freed from the vehicle and in care of EMS within 20 minutes of the Fire Department arriving.

Rescue Kit Training Continues - Mount Joy Borough  
Date: Mon, Feb 24, 2014 18:00
Address: FDMJ

Tonight, FDMJ members continued training on the Rescue Kits that have been issued. The kits contain rope and equipment that fits in a pants' pocket which can be used in a multitude of ways, not limited to: Firefighter Personal Escape Rope, lowering and raising equipment, tie offs for safety while working near edges, Rescue of Downed Firefighters, Rescue of Civilians, etc. Members who were not issued the kits were provided basic training on how the escape system works and practiced a "bailout" in turnout gear. Members who were issued the kits prior to this evening were given further instruction and practice in additional uses of the kits and practiced "bailouts" while in full structural PPE.

The blue rope you see in the photos is a precautionary safety line.

Reported Building Fire - Mount Joy Borough  
Date: Wed, Feb 19, 2014 18:48
Address: Snap Fitness

On 02/19/14 at 18:48, FDMJ and surrounding units were dispatched to 763 East Main Street (Snap Fitness) for a reported Structure Fire. Chief 75-1 responded and was advised that there was smoke coming from the HVAC ducts. Chief 75-1 arrived to find the building evacuated and a burning smell inside. Engine 75-1 secured a water source and went inside to investigate with Chief 79-3. Truck 75 positioned to the rear and went to the roof to check the roof-top HVAC units. Crews found a problem with a roof-top HVAC unit and secured power to the unit. After approx. 45 minutes all units cleared the scene.

Twelve Calls in Twenty Four Hours During Winter Storm - Multiple
Date: Wed, Feb 05, 2014 18:58
Address: Various

Starting late Tuesday evening, a severe winter storm passed through the Central PA Region. Lasting into the Wednesday Morning Rush Hour, this storm brought over 1/4 inches of ice that crippled trees and power lines in the Mount Joy area. During this time, FDMJ responded to a total of 12 incidents including: wires/utilities responses, electrical system malfunctions, carbon monoxide incidents due to portable generators, public service calls and reported fires. Over 25 different members responded to calls during this time.

January By the Numbers - Various
Date: Fri, Jan 31, 2014 00:00
Address: Various

The first month of 2014 has concluded with a dramatic increase in responses. Calls totaled 82 for January, the busiest month ever for FDMJ, with the exception of the flooding of 2011. FDMJ was alerted for an incident on an average of every 9 hours and 43 minutes. That led to 218.11 man hours on incidents, not including over 160 hours of training.

Incident Breakdown:

  • Automatic Fire Alarms - 15.
  • Investigations - 5
  • CO Alarms - 2
  • Utilities/Wires - 4
  • Gas Leak - 1
  • Reported Structure Fires - 11
  • Public Service - 6
  • Search Detail - 1
  • Vehicle Collisions - 15
  • EMS Assists - 6
  • Company Transfers - 2
  • Fire Police - 14

Fire Extinguisher Demonstration for Local Cub Scouts - East Hempfield  
Date: Wed, Jan 29, 2014 18:00
Address: Lancaster County Public Safety Training Center

Wednesday night, a local Cub Scout Troop met with Fire Prevention Coordinator Matt Kratz and Firefighter Scott Adams, at the Lancaster County Public Safety Training Center, to talk about proper and safe use of fire extinguishers. While there, Scouts were given a brief talk about using a fire extinguisher, followed by a hands-on demonstration with fire extinguishers.

Truck Responds to Two Building Fires Within 8 Hours - Marietta Borough & Mount Joy Township  
Date: Wed, Jan 29, 2014 08:00
Address: Multiple

At 08:30 PM, Truck 75 was dispatched to 589 East Market Street, Marietta Borough, for a reported residential structure fire. Truck 75 responded with 6 personnel. First arriving crews found a small fire in the second floor of the apartment building. Truck 75 crew went to manpower staging for a short time before being released.

At 3:49 AM, Truck 75 was again dispatched, this time to 1708 Ridge Road, Mount Joy Township, for a structure fire. Truck 75 responded with 5 personnel. First arriving crews from Elizabethtown Fire Department found an approx. 20 x 30 equipment barn fully involved in flame. Truck 75 was directed to the second entrance to set up if a second aerial master stream was needed. This was not needed and Truck 75 was released soon after.

Engine and Truck Assist Bainbridge - Conoy Township
Date: Sun, Jan 26, 2014 04:36
Address: 106 Wickersham Road

At 4:36 AM, Engine 75-1 and Truck 75 were dispatched to assist Bainbridge Fire Company with a reported residential structure fire at 106 Wickersham Road. Engine 75-1 and Truck 75 responded with 10 personnel. First arriving units controlled a small smoldering fire in the garage. Truck 75 and Engine 75-1 went into staging for a short time before being released.

Two Alarm Fire on West Main Street - Mount Joy Borough  
Date: Thu, Jan 23, 2014 06:45
Address: 713 West Main Street

At 06:44 AM, FDMJ and surrounding departments were dispatched for a reported Dwelling Fire at 713 West Main Street. Chief 75-1 arrived to find fire showing from two windows of the second floor, with Mount Joy Borough Police confirming everyone was out of the home. Chief 75-2 arrived and established Command. The fire rapidly progressed until the arrival of Engine 75-1 , which arrived three minutes after the Chiefs. Engine 75-1 utilized the deck gun to knock down the fire from the exterior while stretching a hand line to the front door. Various crews assisted with advancing four total hose lines into, and around the dwelling in an effort to control the fire which had spread to the attic area. A second alarm was requested for extra manpower. Fire was under control within an hour and a half. One cat was found and rescued.

Early Morning Vehicle Accident - Mount Joy Borough  
Date: Sat, Jan 18, 2014 00:36
Address: Marietta Avenue at Richland Lane

At 12:36 AM, FDMJ was alerted for a vehicle accident with injuries at the intersection of Marietta Avenue and Richland Lane. Chief 75-1 arrived to find one vehicle into a utility pole with one occupant of the vehicle injured. Engine 75-2 and Engine 75-1 arrived, assisted EMS with patient care and checked for hazards. Fire Police from Marietta and Hempfield assisted with traffic control. The roadway was closed for approx. three hours until PPL utilities could address the damaged utility pole.

FDMJ Installs 2014 Officers - Mount Joy Borough  
Date: Thu, Jan 09, 2014 19:08
Address: 111 New Haven St

FDMJ 2014 Fire Ground and Administrative officers were sworn in by Mayor Timothy Bradley at the regular monthly meeting in January.

Fire Chief - Bill Hall
Deputy Chief - Terry Bradley
Assistant Chief 1 (Training) - Mason Brandt
Assistant Chief 2 (Planning) - Tyler Prickett
Assistant Chief 3 (Safety) - Erik Henry
Captain 1 (Operations) - John Wilber
Captain 2 (Quartermaster) - Andy Wittle
Lieutenant 1 (Engine) - William "Bubba" Smith
Lieutenant 2 (Rescue) - Bob Purcell
Lieutenant 3 (Truck) - Jason Stiltner
Chief Engineer - Jim Zink
Captain of Fire Police - John Brenizer
Lieutenant of Fire Police - Barry Heberling

President - Bob Purcell
Vice President - Jim Johns
Secretary - Matt Kratz
Trustees - Bob Lutz, Phil Colvin, Matt Gohn
Chaplain - Jim Carr

Cold Weather Brings Busy Start to 2014 - Various
Date: Tue, Jan 07, 2014 23:00
Address: Various

With below freezing temperatures and two winter weather events, FDMJ has had a very busy first week of January. The department has responded to a total of 22 incidents in 7 days including:

  • 7 Fire Police/ Traffic Control Incidents
  • 2 Public Service Incidents
  • 4 Fire Alarms
  • 1 Carbon Monoxide Incident
  • 1 Wires/ Utilities Incident
  • 3 Motor Vehicle Collisions
  • 2 Residential Structure Fires
  • 1 Industrial Fire
  • 1 Company Stand-by In Station

Dwelling Fire - Rapho Twp
Date: Sat, Jan 04, 2014 06:22
Address: 1st-Blk N Esbenshade Rd

Station 75 and Tanker 69 dispatched for a chimney fire.  First arriving units found a working fire in the walls and the box was upgraded to a dwelling fire.  Engine 75-1 deployed a hand line to the first floor and started to open up the walls.  Truck 75 laddered the house and opend up the walls and ceilings on the first and second floors to expose the fire.  Engine 75-2 deployed a hand line to the second floor.  The fire was extinguished by the units from 75.  R23 was assigned RIT and the remaining units staged until released by command.  The incident was placed under control at 07:19 and cleared at 08:10.  A family of 5 was displaced by the fire.

Units: E75-1, RE75-2, E26-1, L75, L23, R23, R79-1, T27, T26, T76, TRF75, Command - Chief 75

Vehicle Accident w/ Entrapment - Mount Joy Township  
Date: Sat, Dec 21, 2013 19:20
Address: Route 283 at Rissermill Road

This evening shortly after 19:00, Eng. 75-1 and Eng. 75-2 were dispatched along with Eng. 702 (Rheems) for a vehicle accident with reported entrapment. Report given by LCWC was one vehicle off the road, through a fence, and into a tree. Northwest Regional Police Department arrived on scene and confirmed one vehicle into a tree with confirmed entrapment. Both Rescue Engine's (702 & 75-2) arrived on scene and began to work at extricating the patient. Command 70 requested that LifeLion be put on standby and shortly there after requested the helicopter to the scene. Squad 70 set up a landing zone in the field directly behind the accident. Patient was extricated from the vehicle and transferred to LifeLion 1. Traffic 75 and Traffic 74 (Elizabethtown) assisted on scene with traffic control.

Incident was complete at 22:22.

Apartment Building Fire - Mount Joy Borough  
Date: Sun, Dec 15, 2013 10:49
Address: 100-Blk W Main St

Station 75 and mutual aid companies were dispatched for an apartment building fire.  Additional info given by LCWC advised they recieved calls from the building reporting smoke in the apartments and a possibly a water heater on fire.  Chief 75-1 arrived with nothing showing and found a moderate smoke condition in the basement.  E75-1 investigated and found a water heater that had caught on fire and was out.  The incident was downgraded and the remaining units on the scene assisted with ventilation.  Incident cleared at 11:28.

Units: E75-1, RE75-2, E701(Rheems), L75, TL74(E-town), R79-1(Maytown), R804(Columbia), TRF75, TRF74, M7-7-2, Command - Chief 75-1.

MVA - Rapho Twp  
Date: Sat, Dec 14, 2013 15:54
Address: 1200-Blk Bridge Valley Rd

Station 75 and EMS dispatched to a class 1 MVA.  LCWC reported one vehicle had struck a tree and one person was injured.   RE75-2 assisted EMS with patient care.  E75-1 staged.  Incident cleared at 16:18.

Units: RE75-2, E75-1, TRF75, EMS7-7, Command - Chief 75-1

Truck Assists Station 74 With Smoke In Building - West Donegal Twp
Date: Wed, Dec 11, 2013 19:26
Address: Freemason Dr - Masonic Village

Truck 75 was dispatched on the first alarm building assignment with Station 74.  Reported smoke coming from vents inside the building.  Truck 75 staged upon arrival.  No fire was found and Truck 75 was placed available at 20:06.

Vehicle Fire - Rapho Twp  
Date: Wed, Dec 11, 2013 16:10
Address: W 283 Rt / Strickler Rd Overpass

Station 75 and Station 70(Rheems) dispatched for a pick up truck fire.  LCWC recieved multiple calls reporting a fully involved pick up truck.  RE75-2 arrived with a working fire and quickly extinguished it.  EMS was requested to check one patient with minor burns.  The incident was cleared at 17:57.

Units: RE75-2, E75-1, E702, T70, TRF75, Medic 7-7-3, Command - Deputy 75

Truck Co. Assists Station 27 With Working Dwelling Fire - Rapho Twp
Date: Mon, Dec 09, 2013 16:38
Address: 6900-Blk Elizabethtown Rd

Truck 75 responded on the first alarm to Mastersonville for a reported fully involved house fire.  Chief 27 arrived and confirmed a working fire.  Truck 75 responded with a crew of 4.  Upon arrival the truck crew was put to work, assigned to ventilation and overhaul.  Truck 75 was on the scene for approximately 2 hours.  Incident was cleared at 19:03.

While crews were battling the blaze on E-town Rd a second working fire was dispatched in Station 27's first due on Wisgarver Rd.  Engine 75-1 responded on the first alarm but was recalled prior to arriving. 

AFA - East Donegal Twp
Date: Thu, Dec 05, 2013 14:04
Address: 915 Anderson Ferry Rd @Donegal Junior High School

Engine 75-1 and Truck 75 dispatched to the Junior High School for an automatic fire alarm.  Engine 75-1 arrived and after investigating determined a false alarm.  Incident cleared at 14:31.

Units: E75-1, L75(held in quarters)

MVA With Reported Entrapment - Mount Joy Borough
Date: Tue, Dec 03, 2013 15:40
Address: School Ln / Florin Ave

Rescue-Engine 75-2, Engine 75-1 and EMS dispatched to School Ln and Florin Ave for a two vehicle accident with one person reported trapped.  MJBPD arrived and confirmed negative entrapment.  Rescue-Engine 75-2 and Captain 75-2 operated on the scene for about 20 minutes.  Incident cleared at 16:13.

Units: RE75-2, E75-1(held in quarters), Command - Captain 75-2

Rubbish Fire - Mount Joy Borough
Date: Sun, Dec 01, 2013 22:32
Address: Glenn Ave / Florin Ave

Engine 75-1 and Rescue-Engine 75-2 dispatched to the area of Glenn Ave and Florin Ave for a pile of leaves on fire.  Chief 75 arrived with a pile of leaves along the street on fire, no exposures.  The incident was held to Engine 75-1 and marked under control at 22:42.  Units available at 22:48.

Units: E75-1, RE75-2(held in quarters), Command - Chief 75

Outside Investigation And Reported Building Fire Both Turn Out To Be Controlled Burns - Rapho Twp
Date: Sat, Nov 30, 2013 11:55
Address: 1100-Blk Drager Rd

Station 75 and Tanker 76 dispatched to the 1100-Blk Drager Rd for a smoke investigation.  A resident in the area reported seeing thick, black smoke.  Chief 75-3 located the incident and determined it was a controlled burn.  All units were recalled.

At 18:07, Rescue-Engine 75-2 was dispatched as the RIT unit with Station 23(East Petersburg) for a reported outbuilding fire in the 2100-Blk Junction Rd East Hempfield Twp.  Deputy 23 arrived and found a large controlled burn, the incident was held to Station 23 and a tanker.  Incident cleared at 18:15.

Engine Co. Assists Station 26 With Working Basement Fire - Manheim Borough
Date: Fri, Nov 29, 2013 00:52
Address: 100-Blk S Main St

At 00:40, LCWC dispatched Engine 75-1 to transfer to Station 26 who was operating on the scene of a working basement fire in a dwelling.  While en route for the transfer assigment, Command 26 requested the engine to the scene emergency response.  Engine 75-1 arrived with 5 and operated on the scene for about an hour and ten minutes.  Incident cleared at 02:12.

Units: E75-1

CO Alarm - Rapho Twp
Date: Wed, Nov 27, 2013 14:45
Address: Lancaster Estates

Engine 75-1 and Truck 75 dispatched for a CO alarm with no patients.  Units arrived, investigated and found the problem to be a faulty detector.  Incident cleared at 15:01.

Units: E75-1, L75, Command - Chief 75-3

Gas Leak - Rapho Twp
Date: Tue, Nov 26, 2013 12:30
Address: 1st-Blk Maple Dr

Station 75 and Tanker 76 dispatched for a reported gas leak at a residence. Caller advised there was a hissing sound and bubbling coming from the area of the outside meter. Units arrived and after investigating with meters found there to be no problems that the FD was needed for. Incident cleared at 12:51.

Units: E75-1, L75, T76(West Hempfield), Command - Chief 75-3

Tractor Trailer Fire - Rapho Twp
Date: Wed, Nov 20, 2013 20:22
Address: 400-Blk Lefever Rd

Rescue-Engine 75-2 and Engine 75-1 dispatched to the 400-Blk of Lefever Rd for a reported tractor trailer on fire.  Initial callers reported a truck with an engine compartment fire.  EMS arrived and found the fire to be out.  Response was downgraded to non-emergency and Engine 75-1 was recalled.  Rescue-Engine 75-2 and Chief 75-2 arrived and confirmed the fire was out.  Incident cleared at 20:41

Units: RE75-2, E75-1, Amb7-7-23, Command - Chief 75-2

Gas Leak - Rapho Twp  
Date: Sun, Nov 17, 2013 12:50
Address: 1st-Blk Circle Dr

Station 75 and Tanker 76 dispatched for a reported gas leak at a residence.  Caller advised there was a hissing sound and odor of gas coming from the area of the outside meter.  Units arrived and after investigating with meters found there to be no problems that the FD was needed for.  Incident cleared at 13:13.

Units: E75-1, RE75-2, L75, T76(West Hempfield), Command - Chief 75-2

Training - Rapho Township  
Date: Mon, Nov 11, 2013 19:00
Address: Deer Country Farm & Lawn

On Monday, November 11th, approximately 16 FDMJ members traveled to Deer Country Farm & Lawn, 2710 Mount Joy Road, for a facility tour and farm equipment safety review. Staff from Deer Country was on-hand to answer questions about the uses of the equipment and to give background on the risks associated with it. Close attention was paid to the most frequent causes of death and dismemberment as well as any rescue and recovery efforts that can be undertaken by the fire department.

Changed your clock, Did you change your battery? - Mount Joy  
Date: Sun, Nov 03, 2013 00:00
Address: FDMJ

Daylight savings time ends Sunday Nov. 3rd.  Turning your clock back one hour is the perfect time to change you smoke detector batteries.  Did you?  If you have any questions or need help with your smoke detectors you can call the station at 717-653-1600 or call LCWC to contact a chief at 717-664-1190.

Donegal High School Emergency Services Demonstration - East Donegal Township  
Date: Wed, Oct 23, 2013 10:00
Address: Koser Road

During lunch hour on October 23, representatives from emergency services organizations throughout the Donegal School District gathered at the Donegal High School to provide a demonstration to students on the opportunities and benefits associated with serving the community. Fire Department Mount Joy attended with 10 personnel and provided a High Angle Rope Rescue demonstration by vertically lifting and lowering a rescuer. Students were also allowed to try their hand at using a fire extinguisher to extinguish a small trash can fire.

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