Frequently Asked Questions

Does the fire department assist with getting cats out of trees?

Due to limited success and the risk involved, Fire Department Mount Joy will no longer respond to cat in tree calls. Other calls involving trapped animals are handled on a case by case basis.

Will the fire department fill my swimming pool?

Fire Department Mount Joy no longer fills swimming pools. Contact your water service provider to ask about renting a water meter and hose if they offer that service.

Why does it seem there are so many fire engines on a call?

The answer is two-fold. First, firefighting is very dangerous and the highest priority must be firefighter safety. One way of accomplishing a safer fire scene is to make sure there are adequate firefighters both for the tasks at hand and to handle any unexpected problems that arise. Secondly, volunteer manpower is down nation-wide and it is often necessary to call additional units to muster the same number of firefighters as we did in the past.

I recently moved to the area and was surprised to receive a fund drive request from the fire department in the mail. Don't my taxes pay for fire protection?

While all four municipalities we serve do contribute to the fire department budget, tax dollars only make up about 33% of the overall income. The rest comes from funds generated by the fire department. Our largest and most successful means of acquiring these needed funds is by a direct mail fund drive appeal to the homes and businesses we protect. Incidentally, your contribution to Fire Department Mount Joy is tax deductible.

How can I schedule a fire truck or a firefighter at my function?

Fire Department Mount Joy will provide firefighters and apparatus for your functions either for displays, demonstrations or as speakers. Contact either the Fire Safety Awareness Committee or the Fire Chief.

Who do I call about a fire extinguisher that doesn't work?

The yellow pages of the phone directory provide listings for several reputable fire extinguisher service businesses. While Fire Department Mount Joy can make no specific recommendation about these businesses, we are not aware of any problems with any of them.

Why do I see firefighters cutting holes in the roof of a building on fire?

This is called "venting the roof." There are two basic reasons for this practice. Dangerous gases and dark smoke accumulate in a burning building. Unlike the movie versions of fires, it is impossible for firefighters to see in such an environment. When a hole is made in the roof because the building is "vented," the smoke and gases escape because heat and smoke rise. It makes it much easier for the firefighters in the building to see. It also reduces the possibilities of backdraft and flashover. Another reason for venting the roof is to see how far the fire has progressed. One of the fastest avenues through which fires spread is the attic. Heat and smoke rise into the attic where the fire can move quickly. Firefighters may go ahead of the fire on a roof, cut holes to access the attic and stop the fire from spreading through the attic.

How can I tell if I have Carbon Monoxide in my house?

Carbon Monoxide is a colorless, odorless, tasteless gas. The only way to tell if you have CO in your house is to have a operating Carbon Monoxide detector. Fire Department Mount Joy does have a meter to measure the specific level of CO in a building or area.

How can I schedule a tour of the fire station?

Fire Department Mount Joy welcomes visitors to the station. Feel free to stop by any time. There is usually someone there. If you would like a pre-arranged tour, contact the Fire Chief.

Does the fire department provide and install smoke detectors?

Fire Department Mount Joy will provide assistance with installation of smoke detectors. We can, in emergency situations, and in cases of hardship, provide smoke detectors. We do ask that if you are financially able that you make a donation to the fire department to cover the cost of the smoke detector.

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