2018 Officers Announced
Municipality: Mount Joy
Date: Thu, Dec 14, 2017 19:30
Address: FDMJ

At the December FDMJ Business Meeting, membership voted to elect fire and administrative officers for 2018. The following members have been elected to office and will be sworn in at the January Business Meeting.

Fire Chief: Matt Gohn (2 year term)

Deputy Chief: Mason Brandt

Assistant Chief: Bill Kanoff

Assistant Chief: Andrew Wittle

Assistant Chief: Tristan Broome

Captain: Brock Hunt

Lieutenant: Bob Purcell

Lieutenant: Steve Hammond

Lieutenant: Ben Smith

Chief Engineer: Zach Dennis

Fire Police Captain: James Shelton

Fire Police Lieutenant: Curt Herneisen

Vice President: Zach Dennis

Treasurer: Michele Bard

Secretary: Lisa Breneman

Trustee: Phil Colvin

Chaplain: Jim Carr

President and two Trustees were not up for election in 2017.

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