2019 Incident Statistics
Municipality: Lancaster County
Date: Sun, Feb 02, 2020 17:29
Address: Mount Joy

The 2019 incident statistics have been published by Lancaster County Wide Communications.

FDMJ was the 5th busiest all-volunteer company (9th overall) in the county, responding to 602 calls.

Engine 75-1 responded to 310 incidents making it the 12th busiest engine in the county.

Engine 75-2 responded to 77 rescue incidents and 141 other incidents.

Truck 75 was the 2nd busiest all-volunteer truck company (5th overall) responding to 274 incidents.

We thank all the residents for your support and thank the volunteers for the numerous amount of hours that are dedicated to our community. Thank you for keeping FDMJ 100% VOLUNTEER.


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