Election Results
Municipality: Mount Joy
Date: Thu, Dec 13, 2018 19:30
Address: FDMJ

At tonight's monthly business meeting, FDMJ members cast votes for 2019 Fire and Administrative Officers. 2019 Officers are listed below.

President: Robert Purcell (2 year term)
Vice President: Zachary Dennis
Secretary: Lisa Breneman
Treasurer: Michele Bard
Trustee: Barry Leber (3 year term)
Chaplain: Roxanne Wolgemuth

Deputy Chief: Mason Brandt
Assistant Chief: William Hall
Assistant Chief: Steve Johns
Assistant Chief: Sam Clark
Captain: Ben Smith
Lieutenant: Khrystian Ceron
Lieutenant: Robert Purcell
Lieutenant: Ryan Gardill
Chief Engineer: Zachary Dennis
Fire Police Captain: Curtis Herneisen

The Fire Chief (Matt Gohn) and two Trustees (Bob Lutz and Phil Colvin) were not up for election this year. Officers-elect will be sworn in and take office at the January 2019 monthly business meeting. We thank all that have served the department as officers in 2018.

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