Our Mission and Fundamental Values


It shall be the mission of  Fire Department Mount Joy to deliver in a highly competent, professional manner, a combination of proactive and reactive fire, rescue and emergency services. These services will provide the highest possible degree of protection to Mount Joy citizens and their property, from the dangers of modern society.



We are a public service organization, created to serve our customers: Mount Joy residents, property owners and visitors.

We believe our customers should be able to live, work, learn, visit and play in Mount Joy without undue risk to their person or property from fire, hazardous materials, natural or man-made calamity or other dangers present in modern society.

We believe we can best serve our customers by being an all hazards/all risks organization.

We understand that prevention of harm to our customers and their property is our single most important objective. When prevention is successful, no deaths, injuries or property damage occurs.

We will be untiringly proactive in the fields of education, engineering and enforcement to continuously improve the prevention initiative.

When an event occurs that is causing harm to our customers or their property we will act swiftly, employing all the resources at our disposal to stop loss as quickly and safely as humanly possible.

After a loss has occurred, we will use every resource available to help our customers recover in the fastest and least disruptive manner.

We believe in the dignity of all people and recognize our responsibility to treat them and their property with the utmost respect. When performing our duties, we will act with professional calm, common sense and sound judgment.

We believe that our firefighters are our most important resource and the sole source of our ability to accomplish our mission. They are the connection that links us to our customers.

To ensure our firefighters provide the highest quality customer service, we will set high standards.

We will recruit the best and brightest individuals. We will train them well. We will provide them with the best tools. We will reward them for their effort. We will empower them to use their creativity, knowledge and experience to successfully solve our customer's problems.

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