Reported Building Fire

Date / Time: Sat, Dec 19th, 2020 2:43:00 pm

Location: Elizabethtown

Municipality: Elizabethtown

Tower75 assisted Elizabethtown Fire Department with a reported building fire at a nursing home. Crews traced back the source to be a burned up belt in a washer. #FDMJ provided ventilation to the first floor and helped Engine 74-2 pick up before returning.

Election of Officers

Date / Time: Thu, Dec 10th, 2020 7:00:00 pm

Location: FDMJ

Municipality: Mount Joy Borough

At this evening's department meeting FDMJ held its annual election of Fire Ground and ExecutiveOfficers. We congratulate all officers and look forward to a great year.

2021 Fire Officers
Chief: Matt Gohn(2nd year of 2 year term)
Deputy Chief: Steve Johns
Asst. Chief Planning: Sam Clark
Asst. Chief Training: Bill Hall
Asst. Chief Safety: Mason Brandt
Captain: Jason Farley
Lieut. Engine 1: Khrystian Ceron
Lieut. Engine 2: Alex Ceron
Lieut. Truck: Cameron Johns
Fire Police Captain:Dave Rothermel
Fire Police Lieut.: Curt Herneisen

2021 Executive Officers
President: Matt Kratz
Vice President: Zach Dennis
Secretary: Lisa Breneman
Treasurer: Michele Bard
Trustee: William Smith
Chaplain: Roxanne Wolgemuth

2021 Relief Association
President: Matt Kratz
Vice President: Nate Toepke
Secretary: Lisa Breneman
Treasurer: John Thomas

Flag Replacement

Date / Time: Sun, Nov 22nd, 2020 9:00:00 am

Location: Eberly Cemetery

Municipality: Mount Joy Borough

This morning, members were able to assist in replacing the flag at Eberly Cemetery.

Reported Dwelling Fire

Date / Time: Sat, Aug 8th, 2020 10:08:00 am

Location: West Main St.

Municipality: Mount Joy Borough

FDMJ and mutual aid responded to the 700blk of West Main St. in the borough for a reported house fire this morning. Crews investigated and traced the problem back to a furnace malfunction..

During the lunch hour Truck 75 was alerted for a reported house fire in West Donegal Township and canceled while responding.

📸 : Tim Coover

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